About Me


   My story begins with a Celiac and Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) diagnosis.  I have managed my Celiac disease quite well through diet.  Although I had completely removed gluten from my diet, I was still breaking out. I began looking at the ingredients of all my skin care products.  I came to the stunning realization that gluten is present in many, if not all of the products I put on my skin. More importantly, I learned that many of the ingredients and fragrances found in the products I use are actually harmful to our bodies.  Although I found some products that were gluten free, I was disappointed in the product performance.  I began researching the benefits of essential oils and decided to become a certified aromatherapist.  I am still creating and experimenting. I lovingly say that my products have been tested on friends and family - no pet cruelty here! All of my products are made in house.